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All we have been working on a solution for the Yahoo group functionality we have a tentative launch date of 1-1-20.  All members will need to go to the new site and register and be granted permission from the administrator to be allowed in.  This may take awhile to get everybody accepted so you won’t be able to post immediately but I am hopeful if we start getting everybody registered we will have everyone on by the 1st.

Here is the new site.
Please copy and paste into your browser and go to the bottom of the page to area “Top Hashtags” and below that is “Join this group”  you will have to enter an email address and confirm it.  Then wait to be allowed in. I think you can also set your parameters as to delivery contact.

You can also add a picture of yourself and make it visible to the Member directory. This can be done in the user profile area.

Please go to it and register so you can get accepted

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