BMW DFW Group Riding Dynamics

Here are some simple club guidelines to ensure exciting but safe riding for many years to come:

  1. First and Foremost – BE SAFE
  2. Ride your own ride…that is, maintain a pace that is comfortable.
  3. Arrive at the departure point on a well-maintained motorcycle, with good tires, a full tank of gas and a grateful attitude.
  4. Leave your ego at home.
  5. Wear appropriate attire.
  6. Notify the Ride Leader of any concerns, mechanical, emotional, skill level, etc.
  7. In urban areas ride in staggered formation so that the entire group can transition the area with alacrity.
  8. On highways, country roads, etc. spread out keeping approximately two seconds elapsed time behind the bike ahead, depending on the speed and technicality of the road…wider gaps for higher speeds and/or technical turns.
  9. Keep the rider behind you in view. If he or she disappears for more than a minute, stop at the nearest safe place and wait until the rider reappears. If, after waiting for 2 minutes, the rider does not reappear, backtrack along the route until the rider is found and render whatever aid is appropriate or possible. For riders that are lost or have mechanical problems, simply park the bike in an obvious and safe position, hopefully where you last saw the preceding rider, and wait for someone to come back for you. Also the “tailgunner” will undoubtedly come upon you and can assist you. The “tail-gunner” will be chosen by the Ride Leader who knows he or she is an accomplished rider who also knows the route.
  10. Inform the Ride Leader of any plans to depart from the group before the ride is completed.
  11. Do not pass members of the group while en route. If you wish to ride at a more spirited pace, notify the Ride Leader at the earliest opportunity that you wish to change your position or precede the group for all or a part of the ride.
  12. Wheelies and other stunts conducted among members of the group are not acceptable and such behavior will necessitate expulsion from the group.
  13. The Ride Leader will wait until the entire group is together after traffic signals, before changing roads or thoroughfares and after gas or human endurance breaks…. So be safe, relax and enjoy the ride.